Monday, 4 April 2011

Toddlers first wet season

Jack is 14 months old and this is his first wet season in the tropics.  The challenge for us has been coming up with indoor activities to keep us both busy.  He's too little for a lot of the toddler activity, but old enough to require entertaining!

Today we drew a few gorgeous pictures for his Aunties (under close supervision as he is a crayon nibbler), used sea sponges to paint a few more pictures and read lots and lots of books.  The advantage of using sea sponges is I then just pop them in a container and in the fridge, then they're ready for the next rainy day.  No clean up required!

More rain is forecast for tomorrow so I think we might start on some Easter activities.  Despite all this fun however, I'm pretty sure he can't wait to get back outside with the soccer ball and Tonka trucks!

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