Friday, 29 April 2011

Project Life!

In my blogging travels I have discovered Project Life.

I'm not really into scrapbooking (to be honest I've never given it a go) but I do love the idea of documenting the important milestones in all our lives.

Looking at Becky Higgins Project life site I found that I DON'T NEED TO SCRAPBOOK!  I can do it all online and I love that!  For someone without the creative 'eye' this is music to my ears.  For all those super-crafty buggers out there though, she also has her handmade option.

So, my project this weekend is to sort and order the 10,000 digital photographs I have on the computer and get started!

Have a look at the site, it's really inspirational and I'm guessing, a bit addictive!!

One of the actual scrapbooking kits Becky Higgins can send you.  There are two designs available.

Or the electronic (cheaters!) version.  Love it!  You then have it printed, very professional.

Better get cracking!

Monday, 25 April 2011

Family Snaps

Trying to pose a 14 month old child for a photo is virtually impossible!  I must take thousands of photos and hope to catch that perfect shot...every now and again I get it right.

Easter Sunday The Mr, Master Jack, my Mum, my Sister and I headed out for a picnic to a the Peter Faust Dam in Proserpine.

There's plenty of picnic tables and BBQ's, great open spaces for the kids to run (although it is by the water so you need to keep an eye on them) and areas to pop in your boat or jet ski.  We have none of those water toys so we had to make fun with our picnic and bubble blowing.  I take bubbles everywhere because they are always engaging to kidlets.

Below you will see pictures of the beauty of the location, and it is breathtaking and well worth a look if visiting the Whitsundays or Proserpine area.

However, it's the photo I snapped of Master Jack and his Nana (my Mum) that is my dearest.  Two of my favourite people in the world.

My sweeties - Master Jack and his Nana

Jack and his Auntie taking a stroll after lunch

The beautiful Peter Faust Dam

Do you have a favourite family happy snap that makes your heart sing?

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Naming our home

For some time, since buying this house in the tree-tops we have wanted to 'name' it.  It's not something I've ever thought of doing before, but I feel the house needs it.

We've tried variations of words in different languages, google translate is a gem!

Here are some of our ideas thus far -

Tropical Tree House
Spanish - casa del ├írbol tropical
French - maison dans les arbres tropicaux
Irish - teach crann tr├│paiceach

Too long I am thinking, so another variation had to be found.

Tropical Cottage
French - chalet tropicales
Spanish - casa tropicales

I think it's hard to keep it simple without being overly generic and boring.  If this part is hard I hate to think of designing the sign!!  Wow!

I found this fabbo site with "how to name your house" information.  Some great ideas! 

Then I found a site in the UK that makes the most GORGEOUS signs (for all uses!).  Now I have to find someone local to match!

Check out No on the high street it's drool worthy!  Some examples below..

Too many choices!  All so beautiful.  If anyone knows anyone in North QLD with the talent, I'd love to give them my business!!

Decisions, decisions.

Happy Easter everyone!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Easter treats!

Master Jack and I made some delicious, simple muffins for our Easter Hunt today!  I'll pop the recipe a the bottom...yummo!

We popped some Spring toppers on them from Rebecca Cooper downloadable from here.  All you need is spot of craft glue and toothpicks.  Cute!

Here's my recipe for simple, yummy Vanilla Cupcakes!  Yum!

This is the first time I've uploaded a PDF file so please tell me if it doesn't work :)

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Pool play

One essential in the tropics is a swimming pool!  When we bought the house we decided the very first thing we would do is install a pool.  We want Master Jack to learn to swim and it will provide us with summer fun family time.

We decided to pop the pool nice and close to the house to ensure we maximised use of it.  We are also fortunate to have a bathroom that opens directly on to our patio so no need for wet little feet to travel through the house :)  Perfect!

Here is the yard before its transformation.

My dearly departed grass :(

For viewers of the great Aussie classic movie 'The Castle'...."Dug a hole Dad". 

There's not a lot of garden left.

The temporary fencing is going up and it's starting to look like a pool!

And a few months later...

We still have a fair bit of landscaping left to finish and eventually we'd like to replace the make-shift shade sail with a lovely new one (this one was found left-over from the previous owners so a bargain!).  

I'm thinking a cocktail by the pool is on the cards...

Bit by bit we get there :)

Kid friendly

Some shopping centres just get it 'right' for parents and children.

We were delighted in Rockhampton to find their Stockland shopping centre had a fantastic indoor childrens play area.  After a good couple of hours shopping, little Jack was restless so we headed to the play area, I grabbed a coffee and watched him have fun!  It was terrific, broke up our shopping day and kept him in a better mood, longer.

The play area was spotlessly clean, the equipment was bright and great fun.  He was also able to see himself on television which kept him entertained.

Then to top off this fantastic family environment it was time to head to the parenting room.  Wow!  What a great space for parents and kids.

Firstly there is a big open space with another small play area, for toddlers.  Then a row of very clean, bright change tables with complimentary wipes (heated thank you!).  A variety of feeding rooms with lovely chairs in them with automated locking doors and toys for toddlers.  Large toilet facilities (big enough to take in your pram and all your shopping) with both toilets for big and little people :)

I know to the uninitiated a post on toilet facilities seems a little uninteresting, however, if you've ever been to the shops with an infant and pram alone and needed to 'go' you would understand the logistics can have you in tears ;)

I took a pic of the little play area but the rest of the room was full so I didn't get any others

Apologies for the quality of the pictures, they were taken with my phone :)

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Organised shopping lists

I am a terribly disorganised person!  My friends will tell you otherwise, but I promise you it's an act!  I need to work very hard at organisation within my home.

One of my husbands biggest frustration with me is 'lists'.  I am forever writing list upon list and then leaving them all about the place.  To Do lists, shopping lists and chore lists.  I can always find a random list around the house or in my handbag.

I bought a journal lately and have only written my lists inside it, it's been great and prevented all my bits of paper.  I have also discovered a super organised way to write my grocery list, it takes an extra few minutes but I think it saves a bucket of time at the supermarket (and with a toddler this can only be a good thing).

I usually shop at either Coles or Woolworths, they have great online sites.  I logged on and registered and then created a shopping list (really meant for home delivery).  Once I've picked all my items I then print it off and head to the shops, and as an added bonus I already know what my shopping will cost!  Very conveniently most the items are automatically grouped together in the appropriate areas and makes shopping a breeze.  Better still, they are so up to date with information that you can automatically see items are out of stock...before you even head out to the shop!

I absolutely love it.

Here's an example

Coles Online

Woolworths Online

Monday, 18 April 2011

Dangerous liasons

Living on a cliff-top can have its drawbacks.  Master Jack is 14 months old and is a mobile terror!  He walks, runs, climbs and above all, he falls over...a LOT!

We do try to childproof the house ahead of injury, but lets face it, sometimes we miss things.  Trial and error unfortunately means a bump to the scone for Jack or worse.  It's always a sad day in our house if he takes a big tumble, but on a cliff it could be so much worse!!

One area we have been meaning to fence for some time is this one...

It's an area near the front entrance of our home and houses the pool filter, as you can see it's a pretty steep and rocky drop to the water tank.  A bit scary!

The Mr fashioned a fabulous Merbau gate on a hinge.  He stained it with a clear stain and I think it looks fab!  Cost under $30.  Bargain!

Looking at the nice new stain though makes me realise how desperate the balcony is for a sand and stain.  Looks like another project to add to the list!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Seaforth visit

We all went away for a few days to Rockhampton and the Capricorn Coast.  It was a lovely few days and gave little Jack and I a few days exploring whilst the Mr worked.

On the way there we found this gorgeous little spot about 20 minutes off the beaten track between Proserpine and Mackay.  It was truly magic.  Nothing but holiday houses, a camping ground and a general store.  It's Seaforth, and I know I am probably the last person to find out about it!  We loved it, it's the sort of place that you feel you could let the kids run off at lunch time and call them back at dinner without a worry.

We'll definitely be back for the Markets.

What a view of the Whitsundays too.

Our little picnic spot in Seaforth.

Plenty of picnic tables, room for the kids to run and even a little free swimming pool open on weekends.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Subway Art

I am just loving Subway art at the moment.  Particularly anything inspirational.

I have printed out a couple of these and placed them around the house in frames.

This one I popped in Jack's room.  It displays all the fabulous things I want him to absorb.  There are various colours and the big bonus is you can download it free here at Mozzies Way of Life!

Thanks to my fave The Super Organiser Mum for the link :)

I have this one in the lounge room as an Easter decoration.

Available from Tammy Mitchell

See how gorgeous they can look!  Thanks Moms By Heart

I wonder how hard it would be to have a go at one of my own?

It's all getting a little Easter crazy in our house.  Lots of craft and decorations.  I'll post some of our own soon.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

My favourite Easter ideas

With all the rain we've been having, I am always on the lookout for crafty ideas to keep Master Jack and I occupied.  I found a few beautiful ideas, I thought I'd share them :)

Yolk Folk!  Too cute!
You can purchase the template at Cradle Rock

Or a novel twist on giving an Easter Egg

What about some FAB Easter baskets?  I'm a bit intimidated about making these, but will give it a go!

Find the template at the wonderful Kiki Creates

Or something simpler, but adorable to do with the kids

The instructions can be found at the Speckled Freckle

I think Jack and I might stick with simple colouring in and painting.  I found these gorgeous colouring in templates.  They are free and easily printable.  By Style me gorgeous, they have a free template each month and also seasonal templates.

Now off to create!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Tiny changes in our Teenie Weenie Laundry Conversion

I managed to convince the Mr over the weekend that it would be simpler and cheaper for him to make me some shelves for the laundry wall.

Having storage in the laundry is quite the novelty and I love them!  As soon as it's dry enough here we'll select some paint and pretty it all up.  I think I'll also squeeze some time in for shopping around for some lovely containers too....hmmm

Can't wait to see the end result!

Toddlers first wet season

Jack is 14 months old and this is his first wet season in the tropics.  The challenge for us has been coming up with indoor activities to keep us both busy.  He's too little for a lot of the toddler activity, but old enough to require entertaining!

Today we drew a few gorgeous pictures for his Aunties (under close supervision as he is a crayon nibbler), used sea sponges to paint a few more pictures and read lots and lots of books.  The advantage of using sea sponges is I then just pop them in a container and in the fridge, then they're ready for the next rainy day.  No clean up required!

More rain is forecast for tomorrow so I think we might start on some Easter activities.  Despite all this fun however, I'm pretty sure he can't wait to get back outside with the soccer ball and Tonka trucks!

Friday, 1 April 2011

Teenie Weenie Laundry Conversion

We have a tiny Laundry, and when I say tiny, I mean it!  it's really just an open cupboard in the main bathroom.  My first project in the house is to convert it into a more practical space.  Hubby is helping me source some shelving over the weekend, I do love shopping!

Now we don't have mega $ to spend, so as with many of our projects, we are only able to "update" what we already have.  Budget, budget, budget!  But surely budget changes can still be gorgeous?

Here is the space.

There are double doors in the bathroom, leading directly out onto the patio and garden.

I have found some sensational inspiration from some other fabulous bloggers!

Some gorgeous Laundry rooms I came across at 

Lots of food for thought!