Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Kid friendly

Some shopping centres just get it 'right' for parents and children.

We were delighted in Rockhampton to find their Stockland shopping centre had a fantastic indoor childrens play area.  After a good couple of hours shopping, little Jack was restless so we headed to the play area, I grabbed a coffee and watched him have fun!  It was terrific, broke up our shopping day and kept him in a better mood, longer.

The play area was spotlessly clean, the equipment was bright and great fun.  He was also able to see himself on television which kept him entertained.

Then to top off this fantastic family environment it was time to head to the parenting room.  Wow!  What a great space for parents and kids.

Firstly there is a big open space with another small play area, for toddlers.  Then a row of very clean, bright change tables with complimentary wipes (heated thank you!).  A variety of feeding rooms with lovely chairs in them with automated locking doors and toys for toddlers.  Large toilet facilities (big enough to take in your pram and all your shopping) with both toilets for big and little people :)

I know to the uninitiated a post on toilet facilities seems a little uninteresting, however, if you've ever been to the shops with an infant and pram alone and needed to 'go' you would understand the logistics can have you in tears ;)

I took a pic of the little play area but the rest of the room was full so I didn't get any others

Apologies for the quality of the pictures, they were taken with my phone :)

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