Saturday, 23 April 2011

Naming our home

For some time, since buying this house in the tree-tops we have wanted to 'name' it.  It's not something I've ever thought of doing before, but I feel the house needs it.

We've tried variations of words in different languages, google translate is a gem!

Here are some of our ideas thus far -

Tropical Tree House
Spanish - casa del árbol tropical
French - maison dans les arbres tropicaux
Irish - teach crann trópaiceach

Too long I am thinking, so another variation had to be found.

Tropical Cottage
French - chalet tropicales
Spanish - casa tropicales

I think it's hard to keep it simple without being overly generic and boring.  If this part is hard I hate to think of designing the sign!!  Wow!

I found this fabbo site with "how to name your house" information.  Some great ideas! 

Then I found a site in the UK that makes the most GORGEOUS signs (for all uses!).  Now I have to find someone local to match!

Check out No on the high street it's drool worthy!  Some examples below..

Too many choices!  All so beautiful.  If anyone knows anyone in North QLD with the talent, I'd love to give them my business!!

Decisions, decisions.

Happy Easter everyone!

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