Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Organised shopping lists

I am a terribly disorganised person!  My friends will tell you otherwise, but I promise you it's an act!  I need to work very hard at organisation within my home.

One of my husbands biggest frustration with me is 'lists'.  I am forever writing list upon list and then leaving them all about the place.  To Do lists, shopping lists and chore lists.  I can always find a random list around the house or in my handbag.

I bought a journal lately and have only written my lists inside it, it's been great and prevented all my bits of paper.  I have also discovered a super organised way to write my grocery list, it takes an extra few minutes but I think it saves a bucket of time at the supermarket (and with a toddler this can only be a good thing).

I usually shop at either Coles or Woolworths, they have great online sites.  I logged on and registered and then created a shopping list (really meant for home delivery).  Once I've picked all my items I then print it off and head to the shops, and as an added bonus I already know what my shopping will cost!  Very conveniently most the items are automatically grouped together in the appropriate areas and makes shopping a breeze.  Better still, they are so up to date with information that you can automatically see items are out of stock...before you even head out to the shop!

I absolutely love it.

Here's an example

Coles Online

Woolworths Online

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