Friday, 1 April 2011

Teenie Weenie Laundry Conversion

We have a tiny Laundry, and when I say tiny, I mean it!  it's really just an open cupboard in the main bathroom.  My first project in the house is to convert it into a more practical space.  Hubby is helping me source some shelving over the weekend, I do love shopping!

Now we don't have mega $ to spend, so as with many of our projects, we are only able to "update" what we already have.  Budget, budget, budget!  But surely budget changes can still be gorgeous?

Here is the space.

There are double doors in the bathroom, leading directly out onto the patio and garden.

I have found some sensational inspiration from some other fabulous bloggers!

Some gorgeous Laundry rooms I came across at 

Lots of food for thought!


  1. Hi there, Belinda! I just love making new friends in blog land :)

    You have a nice blank slate to work with in that laundry room. I say a little fabric skirt below that sink and a cute laundry-related print above (ala etsy, of course), and you'd have yourself a charming spot for sudsing your duds. And just look at the view of all that green right out your door. Gorgeous! :)

  2. Thanks Rachel, I have just been on Etsy and I think you might be right! What a great site, my credit card will suffer! I love, love your blog, it's filled with so many of my favourite things!!