Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Chicken & Vegetable Soup Recipe is up!

Links to the recipe can be found here!

Warming the cockles of my heart

It's starting to get colder of an evening, even here in the glorious Whitsundays.  Although our friends and family have no sympathy when I complain about 14 degree celsius overnight and 22 degree days, hardly REALLY cold but cold for us tropical folk.

One of my favourite winter warmers is chicken and vegetable soup!  Yummm!  We usually keep some to eat immediately and freeze the rest.  I've also taken to freezing small portions for Master Jack as he loves it!

Chicken and Vegetable Soup ready to serve.  The house smells soooo good!  Delish!

Master Jack's portions for freezing.  I picked these really cute, colourful, CHEAP containers from Woolworths for freezing.

There's nothing naughty in it, and if you make your own stock I think it's even yummier.  This is the best Chicken and Vegetable soup I have ever eaten.  If you've had a better one let me know, I'm always up for trying a new recipe!  The gauntlet has been thrown ;)

It's one of those great meals that tastes as good when you re-heat it as it did the day you made it.  For Master Jack I just throw in a few noodles to keep his little fingers occupied (what's toddler meal-time if not messy right?).

What are your favourite winter warmers?


Sunday, 1 May 2011

Photo of the Day (POTD)

I'm a bit obsessed reading other bloggers at the moment, usually late at night when the Master and the Mister are drifting off into dreamland.  I am, and have always been a night-owl, and soooo not a morning person!

A couple of lovely Mummy bloggers are blogging about POTD (some call is 365).  Taking a photo every day.  Its a good idea too if you are taking part in Project Life too I guess.  I simply love taking photos of our little boy, my stepsons, our home and the area where we live so it's a breeze, right?  Well not exactly, I mean your don't want to take a repeat shot every day...

So I found this really cool list of suggestions to assist with your POTD.  I love having guidelines!  I think I've mentioned before that I am not a very creative person and need direction.  The list can be found here thanks to Rebecca Cooper.

I haven't picked one from the list as I managed to take a pic yesterday that I just LOVE!  It's another of Master Jack (surprise, surprise!).  Today I might start taking pictures of other things, the Whitsunday Air Show is on today so fingers crossed for great photo opportunities (The Mister will be shocked!).

So todays PODT....drum roll please...

My baby, looking far too grown up.

What's yours?  Can you think of any other great POTD ideas to add to the list?