Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Pool play

One essential in the tropics is a swimming pool!  When we bought the house we decided the very first thing we would do is install a pool.  We want Master Jack to learn to swim and it will provide us with summer fun family time.

We decided to pop the pool nice and close to the house to ensure we maximised use of it.  We are also fortunate to have a bathroom that opens directly on to our patio so no need for wet little feet to travel through the house :)  Perfect!

Here is the yard before its transformation.

My dearly departed grass :(

For viewers of the great Aussie classic movie 'The Castle'...."Dug a hole Dad". 

There's not a lot of garden left.

The temporary fencing is going up and it's starting to look like a pool!

And a few months later...

We still have a fair bit of landscaping left to finish and eventually we'd like to replace the make-shift shade sail with a lovely new one (this one was found left-over from the previous owners so a bargain!).  

I'm thinking a cocktail by the pool is on the cards...

Bit by bit we get there :)

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