Thursday, 11 August 2011

Yummies in hanging baskets!

I've been trying to grow some fruit and vegetables in our garden without having to ugly up the yard with lots of wire and mesh.  We have a very high bush turkey population and they are hell on the garden.  They are a protected animal in the area, but geez sometimes I think they deserve a bath in a great big saucepan on my stove!  Clearly, it's only a fantasy of mine whenever I have a damaged garden...

So, recently I have been growing the odd veg and fruit out of hanging baskets and they are growing great guns!  I haven't had any problems so far and will keep you posted.  I found some fantastic tomatoes at Bunnings (yellow!) specifically designed for hanging baskets, I also have strawberries, herbs and lettuce.

The lettuce is lovely now and you can see from my pic that it's been raided recently for our lunch.

I grow these just outside Master One's door and he is helping me water them and watches them growing.

Can't wait to munch!!!!


Hanging Tomatoes

Itsy bitsy tomatoes (they'll be yellow!). Also oregano, basil and thyme.

Lettuce & Parsley

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